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mShell is a simple program that is used as a default shell for an user that has rights to cook mOS packages.

Cook Machine

mOS Package

  • username: cook
  • password: <ssh_key>
  • hostname:
  • port: 22

Debian Package

  • username: debcook
  • password: <ssh_key>
  • hostname:
  • port: 22

How It Works

mshell reads from stdin a file that must have the following format:

  • tarred archive with the content explained below, "Archive Content" section;
  • descriptor file that need to have on the first line:
If the file is a tarred archive mshell will deflate the archive and it will create a tazpkg file pased on the 'pkg.json' descriptor (check "Archive Content" for more details). If the file is a descriptor mshell will read the URL and it will download the tarred archive from the specified URL.


Archive Content

The content of the archive must be the following:

Everything you want to deploy must be must be saved in directories (in the future this functionality will be extended).

The content shown above must be in the root of the archive. Below is an example on how to archive to obtain the requested layout:

pkg.json descriptor

pkg.json must look like this:

  • run is optional; if it is declared its' value must represent a path to a script/program that need to be executed after the installation;
  • depends key is optional; if is missing it will be ignored;
  • your package will be installed under: /opt/$package-$version/ directory;