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This step should be followed if you already have an active mOSAIC Eucalyptus-2.0 account. (If not so please visit: mOSAIC Eucalyptus-2.0.3 - Signup)

Steps to follow:

  1. Sign-in using Eucalyptus web interface: ;
  2. On the main page click ''Download credentials''; an archive will be downloaded where all the credentials are stored;
  3. Create a directory on your local machine and unpack the archive there:
  4. Customize ''eucarc'' file to fit IeAT Eucalyptus platform information; change the following lines:
    to look like this:
  5. Load ''eucarc'' to setup you environment for using Eucalyptus resources:
  6. Use '''euca2tools''' to manipulate Eucalyptus resources. (install '''euca2tools''' using this tutorial: )