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This tutorial is no longer supported!

New instructuions available at:


Environment setup

First you need to boot a Slitaz 4.0 ISO (download it from
A special tool, called tazwok, must be installed in order to be able to build Slitaz packages.
Mercurial tools must be installed in order to access the official mOSAIC mercurial repository:

Using the mercurial tools you need to fork to mOSAIC mOS official repository:

By default Slitaz doesn't support /opt directory for software installation. All mOSAIC custom packages are installed in /opt so a small patch is must be applied before moving on:

Customize mOS base system

If you want to add extra packages on the mOS image you must edit mosaic-mos/distro/mos-base/distro-packages.list and add extra wanted packages. The extra packages must be declared as package-name-version (you can check the exact name and version using tazpkg search package-name).

Build mOS distro

Using tool you can build a customized mOS distro. Before using it you must edit and change 'OUTDIR' directory. In 'OUTDIR' directory the resulting *.iso and initrd files will be published.

Output mOS images

ramdisk: mosaic-mos/distro/mos-0.8.1-$ID/cook/distro/rootcd/boot/rootfs.gz
bootable ISO: mosaic-mos/distro/mos-0.8.1-$ID/cook/distro/mOS-0.8.1-$ID.iso